Monday, June 29, 2009

Camera Strap

Today before we left for the Brewer Game I decided to quickly make another camera strap. I got it sewn and then turned it in the car. This time I used interfacing so it does have a little extra body. I also made it narrower and a tad longer. When we got home from the game I topstitched the edges and that made an even bigger difference. I LOVE it! It's a great width and everything. I do think that I need to cut the Minkee a little wider because it seems to shift when you try and sew it.

I managed to forget my epi pen at home. Mike had the funniest facebook comment, "What are the odds that we have a kid behind us that not only mows peanuts but then crushes them and stomps on the Jen world, Vegas wouldn't lay odds on that." I lasted till the 7th inning and the smell was just too much. As soon as I stood up I was light headed, it was definitely time to get out of there.

Has anyone washed one of their quilted purses that have a purse magnet closure? Did you have success? I guess I'm afraid of it rusting and ruining the bag completely.


BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

Love the camera bag straps. You didn't turn around and smack that kid? Hmmmm....giggle! I have used the magnet closures, but haven't washed any of the bags yet. I hadn't even thought about them rusting.

Moneik said...

That camera strap looks awesome. Now I need to figure out if we have one for the video camera or if I was just dreaming.

animal lover, quilt lover said...

I have made lots of quilted bags,but none with the magnet closures. My guess is that they would not rust if you dried them right a way. Your camera strap looks great!