Friday, June 26, 2009

ETPWP & Other Weekly Musings

On Thursday night Jen came over and quilted a quilt for her niece. She used the Glow in the Dark thread. Next thing we knew, Mom, Jen & I were all in my closet watching it glow. Boy, we're really an easily amused group of people.

While Jen quilted, I worked on my Quilt Studio. Yikes, it really got out of hand. Before retreat I didn't have time to straighten it up because I was so busy getting last minute things made for my peeps. When I came back from retreat I pretty much dumped my stuff on the floor and that was it. I haven't done much sewing since and when I did, I just pushed things to the side until I had enough room. I've been having a rough time at work lately; nothing I seem to do or say seems to be right and it's been stressing me out beyond belief. By the time I get home I just come in the door and plop on the couch and that's it, I don't have the energy to deal with anything else. More stuff just gets dropped on the floor of the sewing room.

Horror of Horrors, this is what it started out looking like.


Tomorrow, you'll see the afters!!

At ETPWP, Linda finished a quilt top.


I trimmed and bound Jen's Quilt (A start to finish point for me), and then I worked on the backing for the two QOV. Seriously the scrappy backing is just too much for me to handle. I'm trying, really I am!!


Angry White Woman AKA Sherry was on a roll. She was giving me crap about my scrappy backing that I was only trying to do as a challenge because I have a really hard time with scraps. Well, my problem was that I was trying to organize them instead of just grabbing. It was the funniest thing ever. Sherry kept trying to re-organize what I was doing just to make it random. Giggle. At least I used some scraps! I mean really after all I did use about 7 yards of scraps, isn't that GOOD ENOUGH for one outing??

Angry White Woman also threw down the gauntlet on another matter of business. Our friend Maureen is spending a lot of time dwelling and replaying events of the past of her Ex Husband. AWW decided to charge her $1.00 for each time she mentions his name or refers to him. All proceeds go to the American Heart Association. Maureen didn't seem to thrilled with us but we're hoping this helps her move on. She needs it. She deserves to be happy. Muah ha ha, and we even got her Mom on board. So currently, the only place she can speak of him would be work. But, I do know that a co-worker of hers only lives a few doors down...I could wander on over and tell her the plan. Giggle. Maureen...don't give me a reason to do that!!!!

Also this week, we welcome baby Hannah to the Family. She is my cousin Sean and his wife Henriette's daughter.

baby 1 133baby 1 135
Look at's a very happy Grandma Karen!!

Oh Crap! I think I better get those baby quilts made!!!

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Moneik said...

I'd say it's a certified disaster area! So glad you got it all in order.