Friday, June 19, 2009

I’m off!

By the time this post is posted I’ll be well on my way to Minneapolis to meet up with Moneik and her family.

The storms last night were pretty bad.  We were down in the basement for a while and now here I lay, wide awake when I should be sleeping.  Nice hey?

Earlier this week when we were outside working on the garden I was snapping pictures of Holly and I got a few good ones but, one in particular stands out.

Flowers 059

I swear, it looks like my beast is sticking her tongue out at me!!  She never fails to crack me up.  Especially lately.  She’s quite the hit lately with the munchkin set.  She’s got these little girls that see her come outside and drop whatever they are doing to come running and pet her.  She eats up the attention. 

Last night Mike took Holly for a bath at Petco.  I heard Mike talking with the little girls who asked where he was taking Holly.  Not five minutes later the two little girls rang our doorbell and asked if Holly could come out and play because they really didn’t understand that she was going somewhere else to get a bath.  I told them to wait and she’d be back in about an hour. 

Seriously, how cute is that?  My dog has a fan club!!

I’m writing up a few posts ahead of time because I don’t think I’ll have an internet connection besides my phone.  I’ll probably just upload posts if there is time into Windows Live writer so that I just have to launch them when I get home. 


quiltin cntrygrl said...

How cute is that? Lilly has a little fan club too. One of the room mates friends has a little girl that chases her around calling her simon because she has a cat at home named simon.

Drive safe

Winona said...

Holly is quite the pretty lady! Have fun on your trip. Winona

jillquilts said...

She's so adorable!! Have a good time this weekend!

Carol VR said...

Perhaps Holly ought to start her own blog...LOL

Moneik said...

She's so super cute! Reminds me of raven.