Sunday, June 14, 2009

Is that Sew? Sunday

After work today I just felt blah.  It was too hot at work.  It took me a while to get motivated to sew.  My mom came over for dinner and had a basket of projects with her.  She had two small quilts to put on my frame.  While she did that, I assembled the first of the two Red, White and Blue Quilts.  I still need to get the borders added.

quilt 001

I also need to get the backing pieced.  I have a Pampered Pooch quilt on the frame currently.  So this RWB quilt probably won’t get on until Tuesday night once my friend Jen gets her quilt on and quilted. 

quilt 004


I’ve got my bobbins wound for both the Pampered Pooch and the two Red, White & Blue quilts.   I managed to kill two spools of thread!

quilt 003

Hopefully tomorrow night after work I’m ridiculously productive!


Shogun said...

Sometimes when I quilt it makes me feel happy and relaxed, but I have also learned never to quilt if I am in a sour mood. I just mess things up and my creativity is diminished.

Christine said...

Being too hot all day makes me sluggish as well. It's like your body kicks in to self preservation mode or something. It's so humid here I can't stand the thought of going out to work in the yard. Ick.

Moneik said...

It was super hot here yesterday too, but after work I knew I had to get busy and get some things ready to go before vacation. I'm so glad you were able to get this top done.

Maureen said...

The red, white and blue quilt looks great!

quiltin cntrygrl said...

crap.. my squares have been done for almost 2 months and I still forgot to send them.. guess I will try to figure something out to send out to you or send to them later