Tuesday, June 30, 2009

June Quilting Accomplishments

Over the last few months I've been debating whether or not to continue my monthly list or to stop doing it. For a while it was a good motivator just to say to myself; HEY, you did get a lot done this month. Lately it just seems showy. Anyone have any thoughts? It's something I was doing for myself but I just don't think it's necessary anymore.

  • 2 bottle wraps (which reminds me I have like 15 more to make)
  • Bound 3 project linus quilts
  • Assembled, quilted and bound (minus the hand sewing to the front) Pampered Pooch #1
  • Made a notebook wrap and wonder now what took me so long to make it in the first place.
  • Snapshots/Posh wallhanging for our bathroom
  • Made blocks for a triple treat baby quilt
  • Finished hand sewing the binding on Rosie
  • 2 Pampered Pooch Pillow Cases
  • Did lots of work on the 2 QOV quilts. Including an insane scrappy back
  • Got to see Moneik and shop hopped Minneapolis
  • Made 2 camera straps...one leaps and bounds better than the first one
  • Took loads of awesome pictures.
  • Quilted and bound 2 baby panels for Hannah
Not bad for not feeling too cre8tive most of the month.


Anonymous said...

I don't think it's showy. Your blog is kind of your journal, too, so it will be nice to look back someday and say, "Hey! Look what I did!"

It does make me a little jealous...Only because I've been too lazy to do any sewing though! All my problem. :)

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

I never thought of it as showy! Just makes me feel bad that I never even come close to getting that much done! If you want to do it....do it. Of course, knowin' you, if you didn't do it here, you'd just create a spreadsheet to put it in....giggle!

Moneik said...

I love it Jen! It's great to look back over the month and see what was accomplished. I think it's a huge motivator and I love reading what you've done. (Sometimes I forget)

Infinity Quilter said...

I am in complete Aww of how much you get done every month. I agree with the others, I think it's a motivator. Plus it depends on why you're blogging...if it's for primarily for you as a journal, then absolutely keep posting your monthly list!

Jennifer said...

I agree with the other comments, not showy at all. I do like the running list in case I've missed a blog post somehow or want to go back and see something again. Having said that, it is your space, and you should do with it what you want!