Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Minneapolis Quilt Shop Hopping

The first shop that we stopped at was Eagle Creek Quilt Shop in Shakopee, MN. It’s worth clicking the link above because they have a great slide show of their shop. They had quite a few different bags and aprons made out of oil cloth. I found them to be fresh and fun so I bought a few cuts to make a few things for myself and my mom. It was nice to see some of the Blue Underground Studios patterns made up in fabrics other than Kaffe and Batiks.

IMG_1205 IMG_1198 IMG_1199 IMG_1200 IMG_1204

I’m not sure who will get the Duck, Duck, Goose panel but boy it was too cute to leave there.

Our second shop was Heavenly Patchwork in Waconia, MN which we found to be not so heavenly. This would be where I got attacked. I had some things that I was going to purchase but after that happened, I decided that they just didn’t need my money. I stepped back to just take a shot of the shop to say hey, I’ve been here on my blog. I wasn’t even thinking about it really. The owner came rushing up to me, started yelling at me – how dare I take a picture in her shop. Like I said, I wasn’t even really thinking about it. I wasn’t doing a close up shot of anything, not trying to ‘steal’ anything as she accused. This whole time she was yelling at me she was maybe 6 inches from my face. I just stood there open mouthed in shock and don’t think I said much of anything. Had my camera strap not been wrapped around my wrist twice, I really think she would have ripped it out of my hands. The whole thing that’s got me going nuts is just the way that she went about it. To stand in the middle of your shop screaming at someone? Then she walked over to her employee and continued to complain about how dare I. Oh well, her loss. I sure won’t be back and I’ll be sure to tell anyone going to that area not to bother stopping. I’m sure that’s more damaging then me snapping a picture to remember her shop by…believe me her shop is now engrained in my memory, I don’t need a picture!!

The third shop was The Sampler in Chanhassen, MN. They had a lot of Kaffe Fabrics. I was able to get an additional piece to go with the Mini Miranda day bag that has been in the works for quite a while now. I’ll be able to make a few additional things that match. Their shop was located in a smaller strip mall that had an overhang. In their windows they had curtains in many different types of Kaffe. It looked pretty cool – definitely something they can do because the fabrics won’t get bleached out by the sun. Moneik spied this piece of Giraffe fabric that we figured would be perfect for the Giraffe pattern that she purchased. I had to get some too. Oh and another shop with oil cloth. This time a Michael Miller one. I bought a little extra because I have a sneaking suspicion that Chelsy is going to want something made out of it as well!!


We hit three more stores on Sunday. The first one was Joann Fabrics. I’ve been looking at this tool tote for some time now and I finally just decided to buy it. My tools always seem to be everywhere in my sewing room. At least with a tote like this I can put the tote on the floor and off of my work surfaces.


Next up was Quilter’s Haven in Rosemount, MN. It was a cute shop. They had a lot of nice things but their set up was a bit confusing. They had lots of quilts on the walls that said, “Kit Available” but it was sooo hard to find the kits. They were just spread throughout the shop randomly. I was able to find the Minkee that I was on the lookout for all weekend. I want to make some camera straps for myself and Minkee will be nice on the back of the straps. I found a few tutorials online as well as a slew of them on Etsy but man, the ones on Etsy go for like $38!! It’s just a tube! I just bought basics – Black, Pink & White.


While we were in this shop, the employees were arguing with a customer rather loudly. It made all of us cringe. It wasn’t a big enough shop for an argument like that. Yikes! Seriously, why do *I* end up in all the nutty shops?

Our sixth and final shop was by far the best out of all the ones we visited. Quilt Cove in Eagan, MN. It was huge. There was fabric everywhere. There were samples and kits everywhere. Moneik and I decided to split a pack of these Magic Bobbin Washers since we don’t know of anyone else who has tried them. And the pink and lime batiks…OMG I fell in love with them and had to own them. The two in the back I wasn’t going to get at first…then the more I walked around I decided that I’d be rather sad if I didn’t have them when I got home.

IMG_1214 IMG_1213

I’m very glad that Sarah Jean suggested this shop to us. I will definitely make a trip back to this one sometime in the future. The shop owner took time to chat with us and really made us feel welcome. I also thought it was cool that she featured non-traditional sewing notions. Sort of along the lines of how I use a hair dye bottle to fill my iron, highlighting wants to clean the lint out of my machine – things like that.


animal lover, quilt lover said...

It looks like you had a great time on your shop hop, even with the misunderstanding , with the shop keeper. You got great fabric!!!!

SarahJean said...

Yeah! I'm glad you guys enjoyed Quilt Cove so much. Let me know next time you're planning a trip this way.

BitnByAQuiltingBug said... two had a great time! I love everything you bought. Glad you got to go and have some fun! I don't know why you bring out the mean in these quilt shop employees! Giggle!

Trish said...

Do you feel like a "crazy magnet"? Pretty soon you are going to have to get your friends to start signing waivers before you go shopping with them... 'Warning, shoppping with Jen tends to bring all the crazies out of the woodwork.... be prepared and shop at your own risk!" LOL!

Christine said...

She wigged out on you just because you were going to take a picture?! Wow. Some people really shouldn't be in retail.

Kristy James said...

I can't believe someone would flip over you taking a picture. I love to have pictures of the shops I've visited (mainly so I can remember that I've been there). I think the shop owner could have handled this situation much better!

Thanks for telling us all about your shop hop. I enjoy reading about your exploits.

Take care.

Jennifer said...

Looks like some great shopping and I am intrigued with the oil cloth...can't wait to see what you do with it. Let us know how it sews, what needles to use, etc. Sorry about the crazies...glad you didn't let it spoil the rest of your shopping! Oh, and I love, love, love those batiks!

Joyce said...

Sorry you had such a bad experience with the "crazy" shop owner. I work at a quilt shop, and our boss would have fired any of us, had we treated a customer that way. I guess being the boss gives her job security, but sure won't earn her points with her customers! It's so much easier to be nice, than spend all that energy on being nasty.