Friday, May 29, 2009

UFO List

Well here it is, my 'coming out of the closet UFO list.'. Check out to see what kind of lists the other Waun-a-finish contestants have. Mine was much longer than I anticipated!!

  1. Love Blooms Block of the month quilt. Find remaining pieces for final 4 blocks. Assemble last row, border, quilt and bind.
  2. Wrapped clothes line bowl. Finish off last strip and end it.
  3. Wrapped clothes line rug. Finish off outside edge. Put non skid stuff on backing.
  4. Kaffe Mini Miranda
  5. Binding on Project Linus Quilt #1
  6. Binding on Project Linus Quilt #2
  7. Quilt of Valor #1
  8. Quilt of Valor #2
  9. Sublime wall hanging - assemble top, quilt and bind
  10. Quilting with Laura Wall hanging - piece top, quilt, bind.
  11. Ocean Waves - Piece, Quilt, Bind
  12. Bistro In And Out - finish cutting, piece, quilt and bind.
  13. Diamond Log Cabin - quilt and bind
  14. Pampered Pooch #1
  15. Pampered Pooch #2
  16. Kashmere - piece, quilt and bind
  17. Egg Money - Piece blocks, quilt and bind
  18. Gingerbread Lane wall hanging
  19. Messenger Bag
  20. Moon and Stars Baby Quilt
  21. Golfing Irish Chain
  22. Witch Wall hanging
  23. Quilt studio valance
  24. Applique Bats
  25. Bottle sleeves


Moneik said...

Your list looks great, but now I'm kind of not wanting to show mine. I didn't realize how many things I had on it!

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

Hey...toss my block roll up on that list Woman! Giggle! I know you can do all of this list and more. You know why? Cause you are The Prolific One!
Great list and you can do it!

atbquilting said...

That's not a bad list. Mine was at least twice that long. It really does motivate one to work on those projects. I'm not quite as goal oriented as you, I just plug away at them and have the list to remind me what is there. Good luck this summer!

Regina said...

Oh you mean we have to actually let other people SEE our lists??? Hmmmm - that's like - well - embarrassing!

jillquilts said...

Man, we are terrible! My list is bad, too! Now, if we had to do lists of things that we have kits for, I would be in serious trouble!!

quiltin cntrygrl said...

I think that my list is probably even longer than yours.. Yikes.