Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sewing Room Valance

For the past year I’ve been trying to decide what to make for a valance in Quilt Studio West.  I originally was making paper pieced blocks BUT the last time I pulled them out to work on them I decided I didn’t like them.  Don’t get me wrong; I LOVE the blocks.  I love them individually.  Together in a row; not so much.  I wish I would have used ONE purple background instead of three different ones.  I think that’s my hang up.  I’ll find some way to use them in the future.  I have quite a bit of fabric and I enjoy doing paper piecing.  Maybe they just need to be set with black fabric?  Maybe they are destined to become a wall hanging or a quilt?  Who knows, their fate doesn’t have to be decided today.

Last week while Jen V was at my house, she was making a new apron for work.  While she was working on it I thought, hmmmm maybe that would look cool as a valance.


Since I want to hang my black, pink and white quilt in my quilt studio I took that as my inspiration colors for my valance. 


Hmm, it appears that the apron had less of an angle than I used for my valance but I guess that makes it my own design!


I tossed it on a wooden dowel just so I could get an idea of how it would look hung up.   Tomorrow I hope to pick up a curtain rod and get it hung.  I can’t wait to see what it looks like hung up and scrunched a normal amount.  I didn’t make it to be as full as pictured above. 


Laura Krasinski said...

This is sooo cool... It would look great in my daughters room...

animal lover, quilt lover said...

Hay Jen, I like your paper pieced blocks, very much! You just work all the time in your sewing room don't you? Thanks so much for your visit and becoming a follower. Enjoy you sharing your life with is! Fern

animal lover, quilt lover said...

Thanks for coming to visit my blog and becoming a follower and your comment. I love your paper pieced blocks. I think they are real pretty!!

Cindy said...

I can't wait to see how it looks actually hanging on the window. It's really pretty.

piecesofpatti said...

Very pretty! I really like the black and pink. Great design!

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

Niiiiice! Very Nice! Love it all, as always.... Day 42...giggle!

Shogun said...

I love them all.

How are you getting the angle and altering the amount of the angle? I would make those in the way that binding is made and the strips attached at an angle (hope I am explaining that well), but is there another way?

I love your blog - sorry that I haven't been able to check it this week!

quiltin cntrygrl said...

Wow I think they look great.. yet one more thing on my list that you have given me ideas as to how to make it and where to look for ideas