Thursday, July 2, 2009

Today was Certainly Interesting

About 45 minutes before I left work I got an odd text from my Mom. 

“Kit Din No Moo”

Huh?  Thinking it made no sense made me worry that something was wrong so I called her back right away and got no answer.  I called and called and called.  145 times per the handy counter in my phone.  I was seriously worried something was wrong.  I thought maybe Kit was my Aunt Kitty so I gave her a call.  Nope, she didn’t know where my Mom was but she said my mom was already about 45 minutes late in getting to her house.  I worried more.  I left work and flew over to her house.  Not there either.  I called Kitty again; still no word.  Now I needed to figure out which route my mom would be most likely to take considering our usual route has a road closed.  So I hop on the freeway which was probably the stupidest move because of rush hour and holiday traffic.  I got about to Mayfair road before she called and of course was then confused on why I was worried.  Her text was supposed to read, “Going to Kit’s for dinner, not going to a movie.”  She had been at Physical Therapy and had turned her phone off.  All that worrying and panic, luckily for nothing. 

By this point, the bead shop that I intended to hit after work was closed for the day.  I need to get over there so I can make a scissors lanyard for my friend 1I because she made it one month in not smoking.  I said if she made it that far, I’d make her the lanyard.  So hopefully they are open tomorrow.

I decided to stop at Art’s Cameras because their one location is closing since they opened up a larger store a few miles away.  They have a lot of good deals on their current inventory.  I thought I’d pick up a few filters for my camera since the UV filter that I bought on EBay came scratched.  Well, I bought the wrong size and you guessed it they aren’t returnable.  So unless someone I know comes forward soon and says, “Hey, I could use 55mm filters on my camera” then I’ll be posting them on eBay. 

By this point I was just spent.  I grabbed a mini wine bottle out of the fridge and tried to relax.  By the time Jen came over to sew I had consumed the mini wine bottle (6 ounces maybe?) and a Mike’s Hard Lemonade.  I was feeling much more mellow.   Holly started stalking me for my empty bottle, she LOVES to lick out the residue and she’s fun to watch.


So we hit the sewing room and got down to business. 

I got QOV #2 assembled complete with borders.


I got QOV #1 loaded onto the frame.


Jen worked on 4 Thangles blocks.  We also joked about the fact that when I blog and talk about her, I don’t exactly specify Jen V, so people probably just think I’m talking in the third person.  We got a good laugh at that.  It was nice sewing in an very organized room.  Once Jen left, I decided to sew together the binding for the two QOV quilts. 


I feel very patriotic working on these quilts over the 4th of July weekend!

I watched a few episodes of Pitchmen before going to bed while I tried to figure out why my flash on my camera won’t fire.  Turns out, I put a cover over the sync point so it wouldn’t get damaged in my purse and this is what was causing my flash not to fire.  That’s another 30 minutes of life that I’ll never get back!! 


BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

Actually I did think you were just nuts until I met Jen V at retreat. Sorta let me down that you weren't just a complete whack job....oh're still weird and that makes you ok in my book!

piecesofpatti said...

I'd follow you around too if I knew you had hard lemonade.....ditto what 1i said! I like your quilt by the way!

Moneik said...

We all know you're nuts, but that's okay! Since I've met Jen V, I know you're not talking to yourself. Have I caught up with as many comments as you left me??

Trish said...

I love the border fabric you used on the QOV quilts. The quilts look great.