Thursday, August 27, 2009

Baking Mishap

Thursday night after work and after a nap, I headed to my Mom's to sew and make her Birthday cake. We'll cover the sewing part first because otherwise you'll laugh so hard at the cake that you'll miss the rest.

I finished the Notebook Wrap for my Mom. Got the binding hand sewed down.


I LOVE it!! I may have to make myself a Sock Monkey one too. It's just so darn cute!!!! Now onto the Baking Mishap...

Here's how it started. I was flipping through old blogs on Cake Wrecks and ran across a funny picture:

Now, since I always make Mom a Red Velvet Cake, I first thought Scarlet O'Hara Cake since my mom LOVES the movie Gone With The Wind. Then I was thinking. Rhett Butler gave Mammy a red funny would THAT be? So I pulled out my Pampered Chef 8-Cup glass measuring bowl, looked up online how to bake said cake and moved along with life.

It seemed easy to me. Cake in the bowl. Bowl in the oven. 55 minutes. Flip out, frost, stick a plastic doll in. Done.

Oh how wrong I was.

After the 55 minutes I pulled it out and the center was still raw. I thought...hmmm, another 10 minutes isn't going to do much but what the heck. And 10 minutes after that it was still raw. At this point, it was pulling away from the edges. The out side was definitely done. Very done. At this point, what did I have to lose? The cake was already a loss. I just stuck it in for longer to see if that middle would ever firm up. And it didn't...


The center of the cake actually was hot enough to do a rolling boil right in front of my eyes.


Serious raw nastiness... I did some more google searching on the barbie cake and found one little comment about how a lady tried baking it at 200 degrees for 2-1/2 hours and that actually worked for her. I didn't have that kind of time at this point.


Poor, poor sad little cake.


I think my Mom's look says it all...this was snapped when I told her to make her own dang birthday cake! Giggle.

I think this goes down in history as the worst baking experience ever.


BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

Oh yeah....the look on Cindy's face says it all. Nice effort though, Jen! Too funny!

Cindy said...

That cake was the best and hardest laugh I'd had in a very long time. Good try Jen.

Patchwork Penguin said...

I had made my daughter a sad looking cake once...... and I told her it was the one birthday cake she would always remember.

I love the notebook wrap!! Where is the pattern???

quiltin cntrygrl said...

Tne notebook wrap ia adorable I love it. As for the cake I'm sorry that it didn't work out as planned.. maybe next time.


piecesofpatti said...

Well, it is the effort that counts, Jen. We all need a good laugh on Cindy's birthday..........giggle!

That Christine said...

Heh Jen. I'm sure the effort was appreciated. When we used to make those doll cakes wwe did them with an angel food pan and then you slit a paper plate to fit the top so it rounds. Decorate or frost right over the paper plate. Next time right?

Heather said...

Where did you find that adorable pattern for the notebook wrap? That is the cutest thing ever! I love the sock monkey fabric.

Michelle said...

The notebook wrap is great - that's such a fabulous line.

Bummer about the cake; I definitely busted out laughing, though. Who would have thought to make such a major adjustment to the baking time?

Piwacket said...

ROFLMAO - - Nothing says it better than the tearful wooden spoon. We've all had those awful embarrassing kitchen moments. Most of us aren't smart enough to photograph them and share them. Thanks for giving us a laugh and a peek into your gourmet world.

Moneik said...

I've had a few baking disasters in my day too! The b-day cake Paul made for my mom didn't come out of the pan, so it was more like cake crumbs instead of a nice heart shaped cake. Oh well it was still edible. Love the notebook cover. I need to work on one for the book i'm reading.

Judy said...

Someone pass me a kleenex! This is the funniest post I have read anywhere in a long time. Your mother's expression is priceless and the wooden spoon.......thanks for putting me in a good mood.