Sunday, August 30, 2009

Uh, I guess I have a lot of tote bag fabrics...

So I quilted a few smaller pieces to make into tote bags since I was trying to troubleshoot some issues with my machine. I've already turned one of them into a tote bag.


I know, I know, just how many tote bags does one person need? They are all cuts of fabric that I bought just to make tote bags so they're all 5/8 cuts so now I'm kinda locked into making them. I guess I kept accumulating and never really realized how many I had fabric purchased for. Had I made a few, I would have realized I didn't need to buy more fabrics! I might have a few Etsy items ready to list if I really make all the tote bags that I have fabric for. Sigh. When will I learn?

I also quilted another quilt on my frame and started a baby quilt on it too. I was up till 4:30am because I was so frustrated and just wanted to finish. My poor Babylock. It needs some TLC at the shop. I just need to get it out there.


Moneik said...

Super cute tote bag! My mom had lots of that fabric and I made her a purse and I have a go green bag out of the blue from that line. It's a fun line!

Cindy said...

A person can never have too many tote bags.

piecesofpatti said...

Cute bag! You need a tote for every mood and color theme. Right................ let's just go with that!