Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Are you sure it's not a full moon??

Let's see, the day started out crazy when I decided I needed a cup of coffee before work. Which of course made me completely goofy. Then it was super busy and a lady fainted during a class so there was EMT's and an ambulance running about. While we were getting ready for the QFL party, my mom called to say she was at the Doctor's office and they wanted her sent to the ER because she had really, really low blood pressure.

Mom and I spent our evening at West Allis Memorial Hospital. In the end they kept her because they want to run some more tests. She has an elevated kidney level which could be caused by dehydration, a newer medicine or have to do with the prednisone shots she got in her hip for her bursitus.

Luckily I had my hexigons with me. I think I got 4-5 blocks together.

I got home a little after midnight and needed to walk over to the medical complex to pick up my Mom's car and drive it home. Since it's only a few blocks away I figured I'd take Holly with me. Now anyone who knows Holly, knows that she HATES going on walks. She will act like the biggest buffoon until you get sick of her and take her home. She's always been this way, there's no changing it. So here I am around midnight trying to convince Holly to go with me. So I had groggy, crabby dog on a leash and walking SLOWER than I was, meandering behind me. God, I love her. She's my little freak.

So now, here I am at home, trying to relax so I can get some sleep. Hopefully we'll find out a few things tomorrow.


Moneik said...

Hope your mom is doing better today. Keep us posted.

Candace said...

I hope your mom is doing well and you were able to get some rest. Your Holly sounds like a funny quirky character.