Friday, September 4, 2009

Athena's Puzzle

I'll probably be mentioning this quilt a lot in the next few weeks. It's called Athena's Puzzle by Blue Underground Studios. It's a project for the shop.


As I mentioned the other day I washed all the fabrics in Retayne. If you're not familiar with Retayne it is used to 'fix' dyes in commercially purchased colored cotton fabrics to prevent color bleeding during washing. For me, I use it when I work with Batiks.

Of course, then you've got to do a heck of a lot of ironing before you can go any further. Ughhhh!!


Of course, nothing I ever do is small. This quilt requires 128 blocks that are 10-1/2 inches each...I'm a glutton for punishment.


piecesofpatti said...

I love the colors. I'm not sure I could do all that prep work. I like to just start cutting. I am very impatient!

Moneik said...

I don't mind the ironing when I use magic sizing, it takes the wrinkles out so much faster.