Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Tonight I worked on Athena's Puzzle and got the first 20 blocks finished. I wanted to take a picture so I searched for some duct tape in the basement and then taped some batting up to the top of the closet door. I'd like to do a design wall with a curtain rod that may hang above the closet door but I just haven't worked out all the details yet. So, in the mean time this is what I'm using.


Next up, I pulled out the scrappy pampered pooch quilt. I decided that every day that I work on Athena's puzzle I still need to work on one of my own projects so today's was assembling three rows.


Hopefully by the end of the coming weekend I'll be putting the borders on and assembling the backing to put it in the to be quilted pile for whenever I get around to taking my Babylock in for service and then get it back. I'm in no rush though, it can wait a few weeks until I get a few more quilts ready to quilt.

Not sure how much I'll get done tomorrow night because I work till 8. It might turn into a cutting night and then 3 more rows of Pampered Pooch because assembling the Athena's puzzle blocks take a little bit longer than I anticipated.


Suzan said...

Love the Athena's Puzzle!

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

That quilt RAWKSSSS! I love it! Love the Pooch one too!

Julie-Ann said...

They both look great!

Moneik said...

You're making great progress on both quilts.