Thursday, September 24, 2009

She's still there

I spent Thursday evening with my Mom at the hospital. Still no definite answers. No definite numbers. This all seems to revolve around the Prednisone shots she got a few weeks back for her bursitus. The blood pressure has been normal since she got there Wednesday night. Her sugar levels are all over the board so they've been giving her 2cc's of insulin here and there to regulate that. She's had an IV drip of fluids constantly. Her kidney levels are getting better but we don't know how far she has to go. The nurse was pretty convinced that she'd be going home on Friday.

I took her my version of flowers - a pack of 30's fat quarters. While at her house I picked up her English Paper Piecing Sampler pack and cut out the first few blocks for her to work on while she sat there. Hopefully she'll be sprung before she finishes what I cut for.


Moneik said...

Hope she gets out today and recovers quickly.

CatQuilter said...

Get Sherri to bust her outta that place!

Hope your mom's home and doing better real soon!


That Christine said...

Oh my goodness Jen. Please keep us posted on your mom.

That Christine said...

Oh my goodness Jen. Please keep us posted on your mom.

Shogun said...

I am hoping she can recover quickly and get out of the hospital. What a thoughtful gift you brought for her.

Laura Krasinski said...

I hope your mom continues to feel better.. I saw all your tweets it was nice to be able to keep up on her progress plus they reminded me to say alittle prayer everytime you tweeted... I think if she continues to have problems you should try froedert hospital. They are so good.. I swear by that place. Hope you have a great week.. Laura