Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween

On my way home from work tonight I noticed what a beautiful sunset was in front of me. I pulled into a sub-division to see if I could get a good shot.

IMG_2368 IMG_2365

IMG_2366 IMG_2367

I don’t think I posted the pictures of the sunset we saw while checking out the Quilts on Barns in Walworth County so here they are:

I spent the evening sewing with Jen. ..only we were in separate rooms. She was quilting in QSE and I was making a Halloween Costume in QSW.

I had been planning to be “Stitch Witchery” for Halloween but I’m not sure where my Witch Cape that I made a few years ago is stored. Since we recently got Girl Scout fabric in at the shop Katie and I came up with the brainstorm to be Girl Scouts.

After a quick Google search Katie found us a free pattern for a welders cap. With a few omissions I was able to turn them into the cutest Brownie Beanies. I took two pins off of my Brownie Sash and put one on each beanie. Of course, once I emailed a quick picture to my mom she asked me to make a black beanie for my Uncle Bob to wear with his Priest Costume. I’m just shaking my head at that!!

IMG_2379 IMG_2378

Next up, I needed to create a sash because my Brownie Sash was way too short to wear in any way, shape or form. I pulled up the Girl Scout web site so I could get a rough idea on how to put my patches on the sash. It’s a mix between Brownie and Junior Girl Scouts. Wow…my mom really had my badges hand sewn onto my original sash in a quite matriculate fashion. I had a hard time getting them off. I on the other hand used monofilament and a zig zag stitch on the machine. I think the sash turned out pretty cute.


I tried to take a picture of my costume. Ok, minus the shirt. Tomorrow I’ll put on a white top. Aren’t the pig tails a riot? I’m going to have to stop at Walgreens in the morning to get some hair rubber bands. My hair has been shorter for so long that I’m pretty sure I pitched them all before we moved last year.


I was going to make Thin Mint cookie PJ pants to wear but since Katie couldn’t find her pattern and since I was running out of time I just made the executive decision that I’ll wear jeans with my costume tomorrow.

I also put the binding on my Gobble, Gobble quilt tonight. Now I can get started on hand sewing it down.


Let’s see, what else?

Oh, I know, here’s a picture of my Glace Grandmother’s Flower Garden that I’m working on. For Thanksgiving Demo’s, I’m going to make it into a table runner. After the demo’s I’ll be turning it into something larger.


Well, I think that’s everything for the night. Have a fun Halloween Everyone!!


BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

OH! I was a Brownie, too! You look adorable in those pigtails! Love the Gobble Gobble and the sunsets.

Shelly said...

The costume is a riot! The pigtails make it!

Loved the barns but missed your sewing so glad to see the most recent post-thanks!

Vicki W said...

Those sunset photos are spectacular!

Moneik said...

Love the pigtails! Super cute costume. Love Gobble Gobble! You rocked this month. The pictures of sunsets are amazing.