Sunday, October 25, 2009

Honey Crisp Apple Wine

Last weekend when Mom and I were out taking picture of barns we came across a winery and I picked up a bottle of wine. Last night seemed to be the perfect time to crack it open. Jen was quilting a quilt on the frame, I was assembling a quilt backing, Mom was cutting Quad Monet. To say the wine was yummy is an understatement. I'm not used to drinking out of my crystal wine glasses anymore so I managed to spill some wine on the quilt back that I was putting together. Since the wine was beading up on the fabric I figured the quickest option was to suck it back off of the fabric. Giggle. It worked. Once the quilt back for Gobble Gobble was complete I was going to move onto making the back for Mike's quilt. But, I decided against it and just finished my wine.

I'll post pictures sometime by the end of today. My gobble gobble quilt top and backing are already complete but here's my list of things I hope to get accomplished this weekend/forthcoming week:

  1. Binding on Athena's Puzzle
  2. Prepare binding for Gobble Gobble
  3. Finish assembling my In & Out Bistro quilt
  4. Backing for Bistro
  5. Golf quilt backing
  6. Ocean Waves Quilt Backing
  7. Finish assembling the Pampered Pooch quilt top, add the borders and assemble the quilt back.
  8. Continue sewing on the Hexagon table runner.
  9. Make a few quilt blocks that I've been designing in EQ.
Hopefully by next weekend I'll be able to get the first of my quilts loaded onto the frame and start quilting. Then there will be tons of binding to do. It's nice to have lots to work on because on Monday, come hell or high water my laptop is getting sent in for repair.

Here's to getting a lot of items crossed off the To-Do list, I hope you get some time to quilt today too!!


Moneik said...

You're going to accomplish so much while I'm away. No more wine though, or nothing will get done!

Laurel said...

Jen, where did you find the Honey Crisp Apple Wine? That sounds delish!