Monday, October 12, 2009

Racine Lighthouse Quilt Guild Quilt Show

Yesterday Jen and I took a drive to Racine to go to a quilt show and so she could get to see the barns and we could find the newly released ones. There was one very stubborn barn...and we refused to give up. We couldn't bring the address up on Mapquest, we even phoned a friend (Mike) to see if he could find another address near the location. In the end, I was just using Mapquest from my blackberry and was scrolling around along the street it should have been on and low and behold the address popped up. We found it! We can't be defeated. Giggle.

I had taken time on Saturday night to make a map in a precise order to maximize our time...only when I went to print it, the mapping program put it back in the original order that I had typed the addresses in as. And we didn't realize that until we were on the road. Grrrr. Next time we'll be more prepared. I think it's time to do some printing and make a Barn binder to take along on the road. There are TONS of barns in Wisconsin that need to be visited.

Here's a slide show from the quilt show:

I found this quilt to be simply amazing.


What? You can't see why I find it so amazing? Well, let me put my thumb up to the quilt so you can get an idea of the size of the pieces.


Do you see what I'm talking about? Those strips are maybe an 1/8" wide?? Holy CRAP!! I feel like the gauntlet has been thrown down and I need to take this on as a challenge or something!

When we walked into the quilt show we were given plastic gloves...that was a first for me. However, for Jen they were handy because she likes to touch all of them. :) I guess I never really thought about touching a quilt because you're not supposed to or the ladies threaten to cut off your hands. Ok, well not really.


The "Partridge in a Pear Tree" quilt was made by my friend Marylou.


So, this next quilt I just found to be ODD. I can appreciate the time that went into it, it's well done; it's just not my thing. Maybe because I'm not a mom? Maybe because the title was, "Our First Home." I dunno. But I just don't understand.


You know what I was astounded by at this quilt show? The amount of quilts that were intricately HAND QUILTED. It was all just so beautiful!!

By the end of the day, Jen had dubbed me as the Creepy Chick with the Camera. Sigh. I guess with my 200 pictures today I DID deserve it. Even though it's less than I shot last week.


Moneik said...

You took pictures of some awesome quilts! But I just don't think the last picture is right. Can't wait to see all the barns.

Cindy said...

Those quilts are awesome so I guess I'm never entering a show. OK, that last quilt was creepy.

Michele said...

I'm a mom. It's odd.