Sunday, October 25, 2009

Super Productive Sunday

Holy crap. I don't know what got into me but I was beyond productive today. I think it was the wine from last night. Or not. Regardless, I got a hell of a lot done. I kicked ass and took names.

First off, Here's my Gobble Gobble quilt and it's scrappy backing that I made last night. I gotta say, I'm not fond of the backing. I did use all my leftovers from the front of the quilt and a few additional fall pieces that I had in my stash. I didn't have to buy anything additional. And well...I'll just make sure I only look at the front of the quilt.


It was actually the Gobble Gobble quilt back that I was working on when I sloshed some wine out of my glass and onto the backing when I sucked the wine out of the fabric. I keep saying, "Will I regret this quilt backing?" Mom and Jen kept saying, "No, if anything you'll regret when Holly chews a hole in the fabric where you spilled the wine."


Oh, and what's this? Is it Jen drinking straight from the bottle??


So this morning the first project that I tackled was a pillow case that's been hanging out in my fabric stash for a little too long.


You see, these eyeballs make me laugh. And it sort of makes me want to yell, "STOP LOOKING AT ME." and then put my head back on the pillow and go back to sleep while Mike is wide awake wondering what the hell just happened. I dunno, in my head it's pretty funny. Shrug.

Then, it was time to prepare some binding. I whipped out the binding for Gobble Gobble and Athena's Puzzle.


It felt like it took forever for me to put the binding on Athena's Puzzle. The wool batting was making me itch. But the itching was well worth it. It's beautiful and now it can go onto it's new home.


Next up was yards and yards of fabric that needed to be cut, straightened and squared for quilt backings.

Ocean Waves back:


The backing for Mike's Golf Quilt:


Around this time it was time for dinner. Mike made Lasagna and then afterwards Jen dyed my hair. The highlights were really grown out and I'm trying to go without them. They were just too expensive.

Refueled, I finished assembling the In & Out Cafe Bistro Quilt top.


It's binding.


And it's backing...


Feeling like the energizer bunny I went to work on my Pampered Pooch quilt top. I just had three rows to finish up and borders to put on.


I was totally going to assemble the backing for the quilt before calling it a night but Mike wanted to watch Desperate Housewives. We had to get it off the DVR because we're switching from Time Warner to U-Verse tomorrow. It'll be cool to be able to record on the downstairs TV and then watch it on any other TV in the house!

There's always tomorrow. I'd like to get the Pampered Pooch backing made, put one of the quilts on the frame and then make a few of the blocks that I've drafted in EQ.


zarina said...

That is a whole lot that you have achieved.

I'm quite sure the fall backing will grow on you - I love the colors of the fabric.

Your cafe bistro - I purchased a FQ bundle that day to make my parents quilt - and my second full size quilt on the new Janome 6500 machine after three months of bringing the machine home. What a difference it makes as compared to years of hand piecing and quilting.

Suzan said...

Good grief! You were on FIRE!! I need you to come to Pennsylvania and motivate me for a couple of days. I still have 35 bags left to do and I am totally out of steam!

Winona said...

Wow! You were really busy this weekend. Sure makes me look like a slug when you compare what I got done this weekend with your accomplishments. You quilts are all beautiful. Good job. Winona

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

Wine does that to you? Almost makes me wish I drank again! I said almost! You are amazing. All of those quilts are beautiful. I love 'em all!

Julie-Ann said...

Holy Cow, Jen - I'm exhausted just reading your blog today! I love all of the quilts. You are amazing.

Robin (rsislandcrafts) said...

You were very productive! Everything looks great!!!

Debi said...

Wow Jen, you outdid yourself this make me tired reading your acommplishments. However, it does feel good to get some things finished.

Moneik said...

You Go Girl! You rocked this weekend. I love the Gobble Gobble! What a great quilt and the backing isn't that bad. I'm excited that you got that many backs done and will have them all quilted when I get home. Haha! The pampered pooch is so cool for being scrappy and I'm digging Athena's Puzzle! I love the Cafe Bistro quilt. I'm so glad you got it together and I love the backing too. You're on a roll... now to figure out total blocks.

imquilternity said...

Athena's Puzzle is GORGEOUS!

piecesofpatti said...

Everything looks fantastic! I need some of your energy. I am on a finish up mode now. So you should see some things from me soon.

Love the quilts!