Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Wind Point Lighthouse

Earlier in October Mike and I visited the Wind Point lighthouse in Windpoint, WI. I also got to visit it with Jen a few weeks back. Both times the sky was perfect for Photography.


I also found this plaque at the marina telling about connection to the Underground Railroad. I had no idea!! I've since found that there is an Underground Rail Road walking tour. I'm going to need to go on that.

Here's a slideshow with all of the lighthouse pictures. I just love them. I really need to narrow down my favorites so I can get a few lighthouses and quilts on barn pictures printed, matted, framed and hung on the walls. It's time to add a little photographic personality to our house!


Shogun said...

Those are beautiful pictures and so interesting about the underground railroad.

We have visited some lighthouses on Lake Michigan (W. Michigan) and Mackinac Island area. If I ever get to Wisconsin I want to go on that tour!

Sherrill said...

Wish I'd known about that tour when we were there a couple of months ago. Sounds very interesting!! And your photos are BEAUTIFUL!!

Cindy said...

I've been to that lighthouse and yes that pictures are perfect.

Moneik said...

What beautiful pictures of the lighthouses. They are absolutely beatiful and so full of character.