Saturday, November 7, 2009

EQ Learning Curve

Last night Jen came over to sew.  She worked on two different projects while I worked on ONE block.  When I drafted it, apparently I made it a lot more difficult than it needed to be.  I didn't step back and look at the whole picture.  If I had, I would have realized right off the bat that Triangle Paper was the way to go about this block.  I chose paper piecing.  I printed my foundation and sure it was in a million pieces but I figured, EQ thinks this is the best way, so I'm going to go with it. So I piece all of the sections and then I spent about an hour just looking at it trying to figure out how it went together.  I just couldn't get it to match up to the picture I was working from.  It all seemed to be backwards.

When that finally dawned on me I ran down to the computer, took a screen shot of the foundation lay out and reversed the image.  Sure enough, I was able to put the pieces together.  Lesson number 1 - when you're working with a block that isn't symmetrical you need to Mirror the block when you print out your foundation patterns...

I decided to proceed, and just put the block together anyway since I was already this far.  HA HA HA. Easier said than done.  It was first then that I learned Lesson number 2 - look at your foundation pattern before you print it...really, really look.  I Sure, I had two clean halves but I didn't have four clean quarters.  NOOOOOO, I had a bunch of pieces that I had to partially piece...inset seams.  Lots of inset seams.

Here's the line drawing of the "correct" mirrored image.
This one is the incorrect, non-mirrored image.  The one that is looking like the block should be and yet, I forgot to think backwards.
Either way, do you see all the crazy inset seams that didn't dawn on me when I printed it??  I finished the block, it came out pretty good even with the inset seams.


Right away I decided to re-make the block with triangle paper.  But, take 2 didn't go quite the way I planed either.  When I printed out the 3/4" finished half square triangle sheet I forgot to un-check the "scaled" box   I sewed the first few lines before I realized this.  I just tossed it, ran downstairs and printed a new one.  Making the block the third time around went much quicker.  Ok, actually assembling it, this was only the second time.  It went much quicker and it came out awesome.


Now tonight, I'll remake the block from Thursday night and then hopefully I've learned enough new things in EQ to put together the next batch without issue.


Mary said...

If you just piece it slightly differently it won't have any inset seams. Look at the picture you have of the finished block. There are 4 obvious quadrants. Just change the way you piece the center you you'll have 4 that are exactly the same and go together easily.

Good Luck, and I like the block

Moneik said...

Glad to hear you are learning EQ, I need to use it more so I'm comfortable with it.