Friday, November 13, 2009

Only Me...

Last night I had a list of things I wanted to do.  Most importantly I wanted to work on the binding for my Ocean Waves quilt so I can take it for show and tell at quilt retreat on Saturday night.  Of course, I found other things to occupy my time.

I made my flannel PJ pants out of the Girl Scout Thin Mints fabric.  I thought outside of the box and instead of cutting them out with a scissors I rotary cut around the pattern pieces.  Muahhahaha, I was done in no time.  Then it hit me.  The cookies that I thought were just tossed on the fabric, were actually DIRECTIONAL.  So, they are headed in the wrong direction.  I can see them great if I look down!  Oh well, the only real way to see that they're directional is the Girl Scouts lettering which is white.  After a few washings the flannel will get a little pilly and it won't be so noticeable.  And really, they're JUST PJ's so who the heck cares as long as they are comfortable and keep me warm?


My next project involved making a bag for my tripod.  I've been carrying it around in an unpadded bag for years now.  It's actually one of those bags that the fold up chairs come in.  It's got tears in it from rolling around in the trunk of my car.  Anyway, since I'm taking my tripod to do the photography for Saturday nights quilt show and tell at retreat I figured I'd better make it a new bag or my fellow quilters would have a good giggle out of my torn one.

The current bag had a draw string closure at the top.  The drawstrings get caught up in the legs and make it difficult to slide in so I was trying to think about what to do with the bag.  I was thinking about a long and narrow "Runaround Bag" ala Lazy Girl Designs.  I was going to box the corners at the bottom though and was trying to calculate how much extra length I needed to account for.  I had mentioned to Moneik earlier in the day that I was making this bag and it must have been on her mind because she came up with the perfect solution...which was to make it the shape of a Humbug Bag.  I didn't have a pattern, but I've seen them before and they reminded me of the packaging that the Minute Maid Popsicles that I ate as a kid came in.  So, I just went from there.

I've wanted to use the Authentic fabric by Sweetwater since we got it into the shop but couldn't decide what to make.  I think using it for my tripod bag is perfect.  I pulled a pink fabric out of my stash for the lining and I headed into Quilt Studio East to quilt my piece of fabric.  Of course, once I got there, I decided to get the crazy idea to use three layers of batting to protect my back when I carry it.  Yeah...that was a little thick to quilt through.  I broke a few threads but the end result of saving my back from bruises is well worth it.  I even had a really long zipper on hand because I had purchased Sleeping Bag zippers back when I thought I was going to put zippered leaders on my quilt frame.  They were sitting here doing nothing, so I cut one off and away I went.

IMG_2679 IMG_2680 IMG_2681

For the handle, I just used some black webbing that I had laying around.  So, the quilt binding is really no further but I have two of my other projects crossed off my list before Saturday.  Tonight I hope to work on binding and make a camera strap to match my new tripod bag.


Moneik said...

I love the tripod bag! It turned out just as I had envisioned it. Good idea to use three layers of batting. When I did Carters quilt I used 2 layers and while it was thick, I didn't have any problems quilting it.

Moneik said...

Glad to hear you got your PJ pants made even if you forgot about the nap. At least you used a poly thread so they don't fall apart!

zarina said...

I love thin mints. Imagine wearing them to bed and feeling the oh so soft fabric. I would be in heaven.

Julie-Ann said...

I love the PJ fabric, directional or not, they are fun.

The tripod bag is a great idea, too.

Have fun at retreat.