Sunday, November 22, 2009

Quilts on Barns - #48 The Tree of Life

Our 4th stop was at The Tree of Life located at W341 Halfway Tree Road, Brodhead, WI.

I borrowed this blurb from the Green County Barn Quilts Web Site:
The "Halfway Tree" is on the property and has many visitors each month! To native Americans, the large bur oak on the farm located on old Highway 81 just past the Brodhead airport in Green County marked a point halfway between Lake Michigan and the Mississippi River. In the 1800s, every spring, according to the old-timers, the Indians, possibly Oneidas, passed north along the Sugar River. They usually divided their party, some ascending the river in canoes, others riding horseback or walking along the bank. The Half-Way Tree naturally was a favorite camping spot for the Native Americans and became one for early white settlers as well. According to present-day experts, the tree is off by about six miles, but there is disagreement about the methods of measurement. At any rate, the old tree still stands, protected through the years by various owners, and still marks the half-way point, or close enough to it, along the ancient Indian trail.


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Cindy said...

Another great block and I loved the story.

Moneik said...

What a cool tree!