Saturday, December 5, 2009

Binding 60 degree angles...isn't exactly fun!

Last night at the shop Mary had her open sew session.  It only went to 9pm so when I got home I whipped out a new name tag and apron for myself.


This morning, I made Erin's apron. I've had the fabric for quite a while now. I think she picked it out way back in summer.


While at open sew I got the hand sewing done on one of my placemats.  60 degree corners aren't the easiest. Does anyone have any tips they can share for binding on the 60 degree angle?  I have 60 more corners to do before these placemats and table runners are all done.



Karen said...

I am sure it is a little late by now, but next time use the envelope method. I have been using it on my table toppers and it is soooo much easier than messing with those angles. Of course you don't get that gorgeous burst of color from the binding.

Shelly said...

Check out Heather Mulder Peterson's blog-trends and traditions. I think she has a tutorial on funky binding shapes.

Trudi said...

Love those aprons, thy are just so cute :o)

Lynn Osborne said...

What's the envelope method?

Moneik said...

Your aprons look so fun. I'm working on a figgy pudding quilt for Christmas. We'll see if I get it done or not. I'd like to make a purse too, but we'll see what I have left over and how much time I have. I think it's all in how much tuck you put into the binding corners to get them to come out right.

Laurel said...

Don't do mitered corners. Just use one long piece of binding and ease it around the corners.