Monday, December 28, 2009

Fabric Watch Band Tutorial

Do those special pieces of fabric make it hard for you to cut into them or decide what to make with them?  The simple solution is to make a watch band.  By cutting a small strip and turning it into a watch band you can wear your current favorite fabric on your wrist, and enjoy it on a daily basis!!IMG_3659
Here’s what you’ll need:
  • 1 Ribbon Watch Face clip_image002
  • 2 strips of fabric—1-3/4” wide by length of wrist + 3-1/4” (Example: My wrist is 7” so my strip will be 1-3/4” X 10-1/4”)
  • 2 strips of  fusible interfacing - 1-1/4” Wide by Length of wrist + 3” (Example: My wrist is 7” so my strip will be 1-1/4” X 10”)  I used Pellon Craft Fuse 808 or Decor-Bond 809 with great results.  This gives your watch band a nice crisp edge.
  • (2) 1” D-Rings  clip_image002[7]
  1. Iron interfacing in place on the wrong side of both strips of fabric. Step 1 
  2. Place strips right sides together.  Draw a 45 degree line from one top corner on the interfacing.  Step 2
  3. Using a very short stitch length of approximately 1.5, sew where the red thread is shown on the picture.   DO NOT SEW ALL THE WAY DOWN EACH SIDE!!  Step 3
  4. Trim the top edge approximately 1/8” from stitching line. Step 4
  5. On each piece of fabric, iron the bottom edge up over the interfacing and then follow up with ironing each of the sides. Step 5
  6. Turn right side out.  Use a point turner or something similar to help push the point out.  Be careful to not push it all the way through. Step 6
  7. Topstitch the two layers together for a clean finish. Step 7
  8. Feed 2 D-rings through the squared off edge.  Fold over and sew down as close to the D-rings as you can get.Step 8AStep 8B


  9. Feed watch face through and wear!

    Step 9A  Step 9BStep 9C

I was able to find Ribbon Watch Faces at a great price online at  Even if you only purchase one, with shipping it's still cheaper than buying one with a 40% off coupon at one of the Crafty Big Box Stores.


    kimbuktu said...

    Very cool!

    I don't wear a watch, but my Mom does, this would make a great gift. Bookmarking.

    BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

    Very cool! Cindy is wanting to make some of these. So she was shopping the other day without me...she bought 5 yards of Decor-Bond. I'm still laughing at her! Think she'll have enough?

    Vicki W said...

    Very clever!

    Rhonda said...

    This a a great way to "save" my favorite fabrics from those pesty scissors!!!!!!

    Moneik said...

    Love the tutorial. I may just have to make one now. I think Cindy's going to be a seamstress after all, with all of Regina's influence. I buy 5 yards of Decor Bond at a time too!

    quiltin cntrygrl said...

    Great tutorial.. Love the fabric. Where did you find your watch faces I loked at Michaels and didn't see them.


    Michele said...

    Ditto on the question of where you got the watch parts :)

    Chris said...

    Fantastic idea - stylish and interchangeable. I'm allergic to the metal in most watch bands so this would would be a great alternative. Thanks!

    Julie-Ann said...

    Thank you - I love your watch bands and now I can make them myself! And, yes, where did you get the actual watch?

    Your instructions are very good!

    casserole said...

    This is a great project!! I featured it at Craft Gossip Sewing: