Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I can't believe it!

I crammed 109 pieces into a 6-1/2" block and it turned out awesome!  These blocks are soooooo much fun!  =)

Jen, Mom and I went to see New Moon yesterday.  Wow, I'm glad we didn't go right when it came out because we probably would have gotten tossed out of the theater.  Between the bad acting, bad effects and book inconsistencies we were just cracking up.


CatQuilter said...

A normal person would think 109 pieces of fabric in one 6 and 1/2 inch block is barking mad! Ya gotta love it though! Can't wait to see the finished project.

My daughter is a HUGE Twilight fan and wasn't all that enthralled with "New Moon". She detests Kristen Stewart - says she can't act worth crap. After seeing the first Twilight movie (yes, I was forced to go) I agree. I won't see the second one at the theater - not worth the money. Besides, my daughter will more than likely beg for the DVD when it's released and I'll have the "pleasure" of watching it then.

Moneik said...

The block totally rocks! I can't believe how tiny it is, just goes to show how amazing paper piecing makes quilt blocks look. I haven't seen New Moon, but I think I'll stick to the books for now.

Cindy said...

The books were so much better. That movie stunk. I won't be going when the next one comes out. The actors couldn't act their way out of a paperbag with both ends open.

Sew Unique Creations said...

Wow! That is amazing!

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

Very VERY cool block! But Man! Are you insane or what?

Chris said...

Love the block!

Loved the books, hate the movies.
But Jacob Black IS pretty cute! -Chris