Saturday, December 26, 2009

An Insane Grouping of Topics...

I'm very glad that the stress of Christmas is now behind me.  I had so many plans of things to do for Christmas this year but when it came time to actually do them, some projects just didn't get carried out.  It was one of those, if it can go wrong, it will go wrong kind of seasons.  It all seems so trivial right now but here's a few examples just for laughs...

I tried to print out a few sheets of Hexagons so that I could cut them out as part of a gift for my mom.  The printer kept jamming, I ended up giving up and taking a nap because I didn't feel that great.  Mike kept fighting with the printer and eventually he was victorious.  Do you have any idea how long it takes to scissors cut 175 hexagons?  I didn't keep track but wow...a really long time and I got addicted to the show Jersey Shore on MTV while I cut.  If that isn't a train wreck of a show I really don't know what is!!

My blackberry was having problems for a week so I hooked it up to my laptop to do the software upgrade that it prompted me to do.  The blackberry network had also been down here and there as reported by JSOnline.  After two hours I couldn't get my blackberry to even turn on.  Mike went to the AT&T store with it and they declared it dead...a mere 5 days past the one year warranty.  I'd feel a lot better about the whole situation had I dropped it or something but all I did was plug it into the computer.  I ended up with a shiny new iPhone and a pink case thanks to Mike.  I was so frustrated with the phone situation that I declared I hated the iPhone.  Of course now I've found a few quilting apps that I can't wait to play with - FabricStash, Quiltfab, Quiltref & FabricJournal.    In the mean time, I still have a hard time typing on the darn touch screen so if you receive a crazy message from me it's because I just can't type!


Mike sent my laptop into Dell to finally get it repaired.  I went to use my old laptop to write up a few of my Quilts on Barns quilt block patterns for my Mom to add to her Christmas gift but Microsoft Word decided it's now corrupt and can no longer be used on that laptop.

Back down to Mike's computer -  where my fabric picker tool is now MIA in EQ6 so I couldn't design yet a different pattern that I wanted to work up for my Mom for Christmas.  Couldn't print out some of the paper piecing templates because again, the printer hates me.  As of Christmas night, I have all of my hexagons basted and can start sewing them together.  Here's a picture of what they look like all laid out so now mom can get going on hers.  Anyone want to join in?  I told my mom if she basted and sewed 4 or more per day she'd have it done by Valentines Day.


I decided I absolutley HAD to make myself a selvages notebook wrap on a complete impulse (Like I didn't have 37 other things to do??).  Could I use the selvages that were in the bag waiting for me?  Nooooo, I had to pull out my favorite fabrics from my stash to cut off their selvages and now all that fabric is in a lovely heap on my sewing table....lots of re-folding to do!




In the end, the only thing that truely worked out for my Mom was a Quilting coupon book that I made for my mom.  18 coupons that included a tree skirt (that she told me she wanted a few days before christmas), a few different quilts of hers that I'll quilt, some quilt kits that she's been hanging on to that I'll cut out for her, backings that I've offered to piece and things like that.

Of course, there's the cutest puppy in the world...Maggie Mae who has come into my Mom's life.  She's a doll.  Holly even likes her which of course had NOTHING to do with Maggie being under the couch...


My mom gave me a hilarious t-shirt for Christmas from the Bitchy Stitcher's Cafe Press Store.


I leave you with this video that shows fantastic puppy parenting...



BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

Everything looks great in JenLand! I had some trouble getting used to the touch screen too, but now it's ok for the most part. Love the hexs! I may have to jump on board with that one. What size are they? Of course, I should finish my GFG first. Holly and Maggie are awesome! Maggie seems to understand "NO" already! Miss ya...can't wait to see ya!

Michele said...

Awww...puppy pictures. That may very well be the cutest puppy I've seen since our Kona was a baby.

kimbuktu said...

I definitely want to make something out of the selvage pieces I've been collecting. And your hexagon looks great too.

The video is very sweet.

Moneik said...

I love the hexi's, but maybe it's just the fabric! You know me and V-day, anything related to that I go for. Mom and I were having printer issues, but we eventually were able to concure it. I've been collecting the selvages, but not sure what I'm going to do with them yet. I love the notebook cover. I love the t-shirt too! I saw that a couple months ago and was going to get it. I just have to think of the wine spilling event and it reminds me of you! The video of Maggie and your mom is so super cute! She's such a cute puppy. Don't sweat the small stuff and it's all small stuff! What gets done, gets done, what doesn't will still be there tomorrow.