Sunday, December 27, 2009

Quilts on Barns - #84 Grandpa's Delight

This block I had to twist Jen's arm to get her to stop so I could snap a picture.  She was bound and determined that we get to a quilt shop in another town before 4pm and it was already about 3:35.  The Grandpa's Delight block is located at W4876 County C in Monticello, WI.  This block has a little history behind it:

The barn quilt design is fashioned after a picture made from wooden pieces by Lawrence H. Karlen. Lawrence (1927-2009) was an avid woodworker and enjoyed sharing his various wooden creations with family and friends. The barn quilt is a memorial to him, thus the name Grandpa’s Delight.


With about 10 minutes to spare we walked into Patches & Petals.  It was a pretty cute shop.  I'd go again!



This marks the end of the first half of the Green County Quilts on Barns.  There's still another 30+ to discover in Green County.  We just need to be able to find a good chunk of time to go searching for them!


Moneik said...

Looks like a really cute quilt shop. Love the hardwood floors and the quilts hanging off the balconies.

quiltin cntrygrl said...

So Did you pick up any goodies at the shop? Or just more inspiration?