Friday, January 8, 2010

Wisconsin Quilt Blocks on Barns – Blog Badge

Please feel free to grab the Wisconsin Quilt Blocks on Barns Block of the Week badge for your blog.

Wisconsin Quilt Blocks on Barns Block of the Week

Here's How:

Click your mouse in the above box.  Control+A to select all.  The text will turn BLUE.  Now Control+C.

Go to  Log in if you need to.  You will now be at your Dashboard.  Click on LAYOUT.

You will now be on the LAYOUT/PAGE ELEMENTS PAGE.  Click where it says ADD A GADGET.

Choose HTML/JavaScript

In the next box that comes up you will click into the body of the box and Control+V.  Your HTML code that you copied will appear and look something like this:

If you'd like to give it a title you can; I usually leave that field blank (For this example I named it Blog Badge) and hit SAVE.

Your screen will now look like this:

As you can see I circled the "Blog Badge" in red.  You can now drag that box to where ever you would like it to be on your blog.

Don't forget to click the ORANGE SAVE BUTTON.

You're Done!


Julie-Ann said...

Please tell me how and I will plop it on my blog!

Moneik said...

Save the picture to you desktop, add a picture gadget and then link it up to Jen's blog.

Annika said...

Thanks for your nice comment in my blog about my red-white quilt! Wishing you a nice weekend! Regards from Annika in Sweden

Lish said...

OK! I think I have you linked now on I want to use up scraps this year and do at least 2 more scrap quilts and this just might do the trick!


Grandma Nina said...

Jen, I enjoy seeing these barn quilt blocks. And thanks for the instruction on putting a badge on our site. But how do we make our own badge for others the take? I keep seeing them but don't know how to do it.