Tuesday, February 23, 2010

How to & How not to Assemble a block

I was working on the Corn & Beans block for tomorrows Week 8 block. I thought I'd take pictures of the process to hopefully make it a little easier for the assembly of your block.  First things first, write the colors you’re going to use on your foundation because with the way this one is set up on paper it doesn’t make much sense until you’ve paper pieced your sections.  I had to re-arrange the pieces just so they’d fit on one page. 

Once your sections are paper pieced, lay your pieces out like this:IMG_4184

Next up, you want to sew together the four pieces that comprise the middle section.IMG_4187

Next you will sew on the four remaining paper pieced sections. IMG_4194

Lastly, you will sew on the four oversized green corners. IMG_4195

When finished, square it up. IMG_4199

Your block is complete! 

Now, let’s check out what NOT to do…  It’s like a blooper reel for quilters.

Mistakenly lay block out so that the green corners are going to attach to the sides instead of the corners.IMG_4188

Take a nice picture showing how easy it is to attach the corners. IMG_4189

Square up. IMG_4190

Repeatedly measure block and wonder how exactly it became 6” – to be a 5-1/2” block once it’s finished.  Scratch Head.  Curse.  Reprint the foundations to try and figure out where the error is.  Scratch Head.  Curse.  Glance at Picture and realize you’re an idiot.  RIP.


Cut new green corners, lay out and finish as pictures above show.


Moneik said...

The block looks great! I'm sure the bloopers were intentional right???

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

That's a great great block. You do crack me up though. And...you want ME to do this? Too funny!

Marilyn said...

You honestly had the patience to rip that apart!? I'm sure it would be in the "I don't ever want to see this again!" pile, but not going to throw it away, because it was too much work in the first place!

I do like seeing all the things you share, but I must confess, I haven't gone down to the cave where all my fabric is stashed yet. Can I blame it on the fact that the sun is still shining when I get home from school, and really want the Vitamin D.