Saturday, February 13, 2010

Quilts on Barns - #86 Dove at my Door

Dove at my Door is located at W6898 County Y in Monroe, WI.  This bit of history regarding their farm is quoted from the Green County Barn quilts web site:

The Wald family dairy farm was purchased in 1916 from Isaac Williams by David Wald's grandfather, Karl Wald. David's parents then purchased it in 1959 upon the settlement of his grandmother's estate. Currently, David and Marcia Wald farm & milk their dairy herd on the family farm, Rocky Rolling Acres, which they purchased in 1979.  At one time, this was a side barn, but it was converted to a center driveway in the early 1930's.
"We are very proud of the fact that our farm has been in the Wald family for nearly 100 years and that so many generations have worked and played here. Presently, our grandchildren are the latest to experience the various interesting activities of farm life when they come to visit. We encourage any visitors coming by to see the barn quilt to stop in, say hi, watch the milking, hay making, harvesting, and planting. We would love to meet visitors and answer any questions" 
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Barns are a passion of mine. said...

Nice barn quilts! They really add something special to a barn. I've photographed lots of barns up your way ( and even had a book of my photos published ("Wisconsin Barns" but we never came across a quilted barn. Now, I wish we had