Monday, February 15, 2010

SBS Blocks

I spent all day today sewing.  It was fabulous!  I made 6 blocks for Sylvia's Bridal Sampler.

G-9 Modern Tulip
G9 Modern Tulip

D-8 Rosebud
D8 Rosebud

N-6 Kaleidoscope
N6 Kaleidoscope

I-7 Right Hand of Friendship
I7 Right Hand of Friendship

B-9 Irish Chain
B9 Irish Chain

J-8 Jacob's Ladder
J8 Jacob's Ladder

The only one I'm not all that fond of is the Rosebud.  I'm sure it's the colors.  Do I leave it alone?  Do I make another?  


Anna said...

Hi, your SBS blocks are beautiful. Seems like a fun quilt to make!

I would change the color of the rosebuds to a darker solid-ish pink so it shows up beside the background. The rose fabric is very pretty but it doesn't do the job.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do!

- Anna in Sweden

Suzan said...

Since you asked...I think the green in the rosebud is too vibrant and bold against the pale blue. If it were me, I would tone down the green. The very soft shade of sage that is in the stems would be pretty. I love the rosebud fabric.

Lynn Osborne said...

I love the blocks! I agree about the colors on the Rosebud, but I would let it sit awhile. Work on some others, then come back to it and see if you want to make another one. Sometimes things grow on me if I wait a bit. Your points and intersections are so perfect! I'm in the middle of a project now where it seems every other join I'm having to redo as the points aren't right. Arrgh!

zarina said...

I love the rosebud but I think you do not like it because there was not enough contrast in the bud.

Cindy said...

Oh wow more pretties that I can't wait to make. I have to do some thinking about the rose buds, the green just doesn't do it for me or maybe the background needs to be different.

Carol VR said...

I'd leave the rosebud. It has a certain charm.

quiltin cntrygrl said...

Love the blocks and I agree with Carol I like the rose bud one.

Moneik said...

These look beautiful and I'm pleased to see other colors appearing besides just yellow and blue. It's going to be a beautiful quilt.