Monday, February 1, 2010

Sylvia's Bridal Sampler Blocks

On Wednesday our Sylvia's Bridal Sampler Club will kick off at the shop.  I finished up the 4th block for February.  I decided to pick something nice and easy - E1 Nine Patch.

E1 Nine-Patch

While I was at it, I decided to choose and make the blocks for March so that I'm a month ahead.

G3 Bear's Paw
G-3 Bear's Paw

I3 Dutchman's Puzzle
I-3 Dutchman's Puzzle

M10 Key West Beauty

M-10 Key West Beauty

N1 Crossed Canoes
N-1 Crossed Canoes

I was wandering around Michael's and I found these cute little boxes that I knew would perfectly store my 6" blocks.  I picked up 2.  One for Sylvia's Bridal Sampler and one for my Barn Blocks.  My barn blocks already take up one whole box so I think I'll have to pick up a few more while they're in stock.  The boxes are 7" square and hold about 50 blocks.



Karen S said...

Very pretty blocks -- this is why blue and yellow is such a classic combination.

~Kim~ said...

WOW! I so wished I lived closer, cause I sure would be joining you for your class! I love how your blocks are turning out! Do you by chance sell the patterns "out" to those that cant take the class? Or does your class just involve showing how to make the blocks - but purchase the main book from Elm Creek?

And, Im going to have to take your advise to go to Micheal's for those size boxes! I was checking out Walmart with no success. (You can ask the hubby as I had him in tow looking too.. he he)

Marilyn said...

You are making me want to get back to my sewing. I haven't finished a quilt that's been ready for the backing for several years. My daughter knows exactly how long it's been because it was for her graduation! But I'm not telling. Thanks for the inspiration!!

zarina said...

Jen - I may use this as my inspiration for my mum wants a sampler quilt. I just need to figure out how many different fabric that I need - do not want a scrappy look.

Shogun said...

So many people are making the Sylvia's bridal sampler quilts. It's fun watching how different they all are and what colors/fabrics people choose.
You know, I use those boxes myself, but the design is different. They are a thick cardboard type material with pretty paper on the outside, right? I think I got mine at Joann's last year and they are perfect for blocks. I even have a round box that I use for some of my smaller blocks.

Yvette said...

Wow! I was just chatting with a quilting friend and we discussed doing this quilt together. I sure wish our shop would do a group like your is. Your colors are fabulous!!