Sunday, March 14, 2010

The last two blocks for the 3rd Quarter of 2010!!

Wooo hoo!!  I have a full 3/4ths of a year written up, sewn and ready to roll.  Tomorrow I start work on the 4th Quarter blocks.  Then I think I'll take a break to work on a few other projects before heading off to Rosemont & Quilt retreat - both towards the end of April.

Here's the Queen's Jewels and Carolina Lily:



Now, I've since learned that the Carolina Lily Barn Quilt is hung on fellow quilter Rosie R's parents barn!

Quilts . Bruce SeedsLocal Quilt Artist Bruce Seeds (Link to Facebook Fan Page) has been getting some fantastic media recently.  He was featured in M Magazine (Link to M Magazine Article) and was featured this morning on Fox6 (Link to Fox 6 Video).

Now, if you'll indulge me a bit and vote at the Pepsi Refresh Project website for Kewaunee County's Barn Quilt Program.  If you have a Facebook account you can use that login info to vote.  If you don't, just take the few seconds to register and vote.  They're currently in 59th place.  A win would bring 25K to the county for their Youth Program.


  • To have youth research, paint, and hang historical barn quilts.

  • To have youth research organic farming

  • To have youth prepair the soil, plant and harvest organic plantings
     Idea Image Idea Image
The Barn Quilt and Organic Farming project is an ambitious two tiered project that will cover a year of learning for the youth of a four county area.  This project ties together the ethnicity and history of farming and the families that settled in this area.  This project will allow the youth of Northeast Wisconsin the opportunity to experience hands on organic farming with the harvest benefiting local food pantrys.   Youth will also have an opportunity to research area historical barns and the ethnicity of the people who built them.  They will research historical quilt patterns using the block base quilt program.  The youth will choose a pattern with the farm family and paint the pattern on an 8x8 foot square board.  These boards will be hung on the historical barn that was researched. The barn quilts will result in a driving tour brochure that will benefit tourism in this depressed area.

How will the 25K be Used?

$ 8,000lumber, paint, equipment rental, barn expert, textile expert
$ 17,000established fruit trees, tractor rental, seed, organic expert
Budget Notes: Not covered is electrical, water, various gardening implements, food for volunteers, web and graphic designers stipen, building rental for painting barn quilts.

You can view Kewaunee, Wisconsin's Barn Quilt website by clicking HERE.


BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

Love that Lily block!
Just went and voted!
Can barely stand the wait for retreat!

P. said...

Thanks for the info about Bruce Seeds. I had not heard of him before. His work is fascinating!

Moneik said...

Great job on the blocks. You're crusin' right along on these. You'll be done with the year in no time.

Bruce Seeds said...

Thanks for the mention, Jen!