Sunday, March 7, 2010

Poor little dog...

She just wasn't aware that it was bath day.  That's what happens when Winter throws a 40 degree day at you in Wisconsin.

holly bath 2

We take her to Petco because they have "Bathe your Own" for $12.  The furry mess stays there.


The tubs are also at human height so there is no bending over.  

holly bath 3

She was giving me the "evil eye" on our way home.  She's sure to be destroying something of mine shortly...I'm sure of it.  

Today was a pretty productive day in the quilt studio.  I finished off the last few blocks for weeks 14-26.

IMG_4257 IMG_4258 
IMG_4259 IMG_4262

I can't believe I have an entire half year ready to roll!!


I also made some great headway on blocks 27-39.  I think this set will only take about a week or so to iron out all the details.


Barb said...

Love your blocks!!

Cindy said...

My poor Holly baby. Now when she comes to grandma's house I'll spoil her and tell her how evil her parents are and how pretty she is.

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

Too funny! I just had all my dogs groomed. They hate it until it's over and then they feel sooooo goooood! You are smokin' hot on the barn blocks! They all look great!

Moneik said...

The barn blocks look awesome, especially the 4-H one. You've done an incredible job of getting them done. Yesterday was bath day for Missy too. So glad to have it done for a while.

Marilyn said...

Love the dog story. Must tell Dot about the bath station as her pooch needs a bath. Wouldn't be able to get my Newfie in the car...he doesn't have a driver's license and he'd be thinking he should be in my lap.

Wow, is all I can say about your blocks. ♥♪

Shogun said...

Great blocks and POOR DOGGIE!!!

Many years back, I was carrying a bucket of paint to the living room and didn't realize a cat was sleeping on the floor...well, I spilled the paint onto the cat and my husband had to rush the cat into the bathroom shower! Poor kitty!