Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Shopping for Quilting Fabric

The topic of shopping for quilting fabric on the Quilters Daily Blog Along caught my attention.  I work in a quilt shop so I get to see SO many new fabrics daily that I'd be in big trouble if I didn't learn some self control.  Still, if you look at my stash, I really don't have that much.  I do tend to buy more for projects than just for the sake of stash. 

Shelf #1 holds red/black/white fabric for a Stack and Whack that's been in my head for about 2 years now, a fat quarter pack of Folklorika  and my batik 'collection.'  The big green lump is a backing for a BOM quilt that I've yet to finish.

Shelf #2 holds my ‘color wall collection.”  It's mainly yardage that’s been left over from one quilt or another.

Shelf #3 is a bit of a mystery.  The first stack is baby quilt fabric.  The second is quilting themed fabric.  The third is oriental fabric.  The fourth is my Moda collection.  The big chunk in the Moda stack is the backing to a quilt I’ve cut out but not started sewing yet.

Shelf #4 gets even odder.  The first stack is novelty fabric that is either Mike or Holly related.  The second stack is novelties that are Jen related.  The third stack is out of control considering it’s all Wizard of OZ.  I STILL don’t know what I intend to make but I do know that I have enough fabric to make a top and a backing.  The fourth stack is fabric from big box stores.  Things I bought for whatever reason and am slowly using up to back wall hangings or make a random pillow case here or there.

Now, onto my reason for writing this post.  As you can see, I really don’t buy for the sake of stash building and really only have a handful of things that I had to purchase because I couldn’t live without them.  I lie in the weeds and wait to buy for just the right project.  Most of the fabric that comes in gets chopped up right away an put into a quilt.  It’s just the way I roll.  I get so excited by it that it has to be used…NOW.  It’s also very rare that I buy actual yardage if it’s something I have to have.  I guess I’m a yard or under kind of gal.  There will always be new and better fabric coming out.  If I don’t have an idea of what I really want to do with it, then it really wasn’t meant to be owned by me.  If I bought everything that I LOVED, I just wouldn’t have the time to use it before it became dated looking.


Colleen said...

I am the same way- only buying if it has an intended purpose. My stash is mostly pieces smaller than a fat quarter, and the yardage I do have is bought for backing fabric or left over from a finished quilt. Glad to know I'm not the only one out there who doesn't have a huge stash of fabric. I like the way your shelves are organized by theme- makes a lot of sense!

Cindy said...

Nice topic for today. As you know the top shelf in my cabinet is all from the shop. A few odd fat quarters and the rest is fabric that I've had for many many years I just hate to toss it yet it isn't being used.

Mindy said...

How many quilts total have you made? How long have you been making them? How many are yours (as opposed to things you've made for others)? Just curious because it seems like you are always working on something. You must have made many things.

Anonymous said...

I honestly think that your cupboard is, like, WAY too neat and tidy. I am coming over to mess it all up. ;)
Thanks for blogging along with us!

Barb said...

I wish I had your self control. I have more fabric than I could use in three lifetimes. Most of it came from the days of working in quilt shops. I could never walk out empty handed.