Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Time to Dust off the old BOM

It's probably been about 2 years now since I last pulled out this Block of the Month.  The sad part?  I only had 3 blocks to make.  I even have the rest of the top together.


I made the last three blocks.  (There's a 4th that was already made - waiting in the wings)




Now I just need to get this last row assembled and decide what kind of border to put on.  Not sure if I'll put a single border of the green or if I'll do a narrow of the green and a wider border of something else.  I own enough green to do a backing, so the amount of fabric I have will help to determine how this can get finished.

I've gotta say, making 12" blocks was so strange after making all of these super piecey 6" blocks!!


BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

Yay! Great colors!

Sue said...

Jen, those colors are soooo pretty, I would say as for the borders, go one green,purple,blue.

Moneik said...

Wow! The colors in this one are beautiful compared to Harvest Spice! So excited that you'll be finishing it up and moving on to other UFO's. How are you doing on your UFO challenge?

Cindy said...

They look great and I can't wait for you to finish the quilt. I gave mine like that to Mom and I really loved that quilt. It did look strange after all those 6 inch blocks.

Julie-Ann said...

Oh - I love the colors! I don't remember seeing this quilt before. I love it!

Edna said...

Very pretty! I always think its a bonus to find an 'almost complete' top that takes so little to finish. Your quilt will be awesome.