Monday, April 12, 2010

Crazy Quilters Guild Quilt Show

Category 13 – Wall Hangings (Small, Pieced – Machine Quilted)

My Diamond Log Cabin wall hanging was in this category.  I literally took my wall hanging right off the wall and took it to the show.  It never dawned on me to give it a good press before I went…DUH!!  It seems so very obvious now!  You see, this wall hanging hangs on the wall by our front door.  It moves around every time the door opens and closes.  It’s also affected by changing temperatures.  If it’s humid it changes, if it’s cold it changes.  I’ve given up on ironing it on a regular basis…of course, a quilt show isn’t REGULAR.  Sigh.  It’s my own fault.

Anyway, here’s how my Judges slip read:
Best features of this quilt are:
  • Complex Color Combination well handled
  • Good Contrast
  • Good Piecing
Areas that need improvement are:
  • Edges should be straight
Really, I have no problem with the edges should be straight comment.  I’ll chalk that up to being a newbie quilt show entrant!

Here are the winning Wall Hangings from Category 13

First Place – Maribeth Schmit – Cabins in the Country

Second Place – Teri Krupp – 3D Flowers

Third Place – Lucy Klussendorf – Illuminata

Honorable Mention – Alice Weickelt – Not So Simple

A few others from the Wall Hanging Category 13:

Last but not least, a picture of my Grandma with my wall hanging.


Roolen said...

Thank you for sharing! What's interesting :)/ Marina

Julie-Ann said...

Can I take your grandma to Georgia with me?

Moneik said...

We live an learn, you'll remember to press next time.