Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Bunny Day!

Mom and I dyed some eggs.  We do this every year with the Paas egg dye and every year we think the dye should be more brilliant.  Every year, we end up pulling out the food dye bottles and adding to the dye.  Much brighter!!


I finished basting all of my spools and was able to get three more done.  I’m now at 5 and past the half way point!


I love them!!

We set up a milk bone hunt for Holly and Maggie.  What a riot.  I thought for sure Holly would take over but Maggie really held her own.  They were like vacuums sucking up all the treats.


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Moneik said...

You're doing awesome getting all the spools done. Very pretty Easter eggs. The Milkbone hunt sounds highly entertaining. Hope you had a great Easter.