Thursday, April 22, 2010

It's Time!! Retreat is here!!

I'm so excited!  I'm finally packed!  Regina and Patti are tucked in at Vogues' house.  They arrived around 2pm this afternoon.  I neglected to take pictures.  We went to Bigsby's and Patched Works.  Made a brief stop at LeCakery.  Gave them a brief tour of Milwaukee during rush hour.  Had dinner at Demarini's.  Grocery shopped at Sendick's.

I promise to do better with the picture taking tomorrow!!

Ok, I think I need to share my ridiculous list of projects that I'm taking and the schedule that I have in my head to rationalize taking ALL of this:

  1. 12 Quilt Blocks on Barn Blocks.  They are all cut out, foundations printed and ready to assemble.  My plan is 3 per day.
  2. Maxine Pillow Case. Friday
  3. Amish Rubic's Center Wall Hanging - Foundations are cut, pattern is written up.  I just need to cut my pieces out but I think I'll cut them one section at a time as I work on them. Friday
  4. Spools signature quilt - it's all ready for signatures.  I have stuff along to put borders on but I'm not even sure if that is even something I want to work on this weekend.  Although, it wouldn't take very long.  Saturday
  5. Mexican Stars Wall Hanging - All cut out and ready to sew. Saturday
  6. Sock Monkey PJ Pants - They've been all cut out and ready to sew together for a few months now. Saturday
  7. Braided Starburst Wall Hanging.  I have two of the four sections assembled. Sunday.
  8. My block of the month quilt from a few years back.  It just needs the last row of 4 blocks attached and borders need to be put on. Sunday.
  9. Snowballs & 54-40 or Fight Blocks for the Rotating Snowball Quilt Along.  I have 3 snowball blocks to re-do from March and then April and possibly May's blocks. Monday.
  10. Astor Manor - HoneyBun/Charm Square quilt - Only will pull out if I need something extremely mindless.
  11. PB & J that I just picked up today.  It's not cut out or anything.  We'll see if it fits in or if I just HAVE to start it!!  PB&J is Rodney's newest pattern.  I decided to buy this kit because the quilt will remind me of the fun time I had working at our booth at the Rosemont Quilt Show!
I live in hope that I can get a lot of this done.  While we were getting ready for Rosemont, I did have a day where I assembled three quilt tops so really, anything is possible!  I also learned some new to me speed piecing techniques.  Muhahahahahahahahahaha!!

My ground beef is cooked and now in the freezer - green peppers are chopped and in the freezer.  I have quite a few things bagged up and in the garage already.  Tomorrow morning Mike will take my Machine out to the truck and while he's doing that, I'll clean out my car.  My clothing isn't in the suitcase but it is all folded up in a laundry basket and just needs to be thrown into my suit case.  My printer is in a Stitchin' chix bag - the paper tray is filled up with totally random paper.  I have a bag all ready for my pillow to go into.  My laptop will be packed up right before I leave.   I feel like I have quite a bit less packed up than the last few years that I went to retreat.  (Ok, except for the extreme amount of projects that I have packed up and ready to go!!)

I'm not sure if we'll have internet where we're going.  Worst case I'll post some brief posts via my iPhone.  My poor Aunt Kitty has the flu so she won't be able to come.  But, Mom, 1I, 4, 007, 11, 9, 27, Katie, Janet, Julie, Diane, Maureen, Sherry, Sue, Beryl, Debbie, and I will be sewing by about 12:02 PM.  BTW, I'm digging the numeric nick names!!

Now it's time to shut my eyes and go to sleep.  So I can wake up, pack up and hit the road!

8 here, signing off!

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Moneik said...

Have a blast! I can't wait to see all the projects you get accomplished!