Saturday, April 17, 2010

International Quilt Festival - Rosemont

I've been in Rosemont Illinois for the better part of the week at Quilt Festival. I got to run around today for about an hour and a half of shopping. Since I can only upload one picture per blog post via my iphone I jammed all my fun purchases into one picture.... And you can't even tell what half of it is. Oh well, the picture contains two prezzies for my mom!

Yesterday was the great shoe relay. After Thursday my feet hurt so bad that I had tears in my eyes. It's funny how walking around for 10 hours is so different than standing around for 10 hours. I texted Mike on Friday asking how he'd feel about going to sports authority and buying me a pair of tennies based on an old shoe at home. He was to drop them off with my mom who would then drive them to the park and ride to meet our friend Linda (purina nine patch Linda) who then brought them and socks to the booth... Ahhhhhh happy feet! The laces were even all laced and straight which had to have been a "mom" thing, and it rocked!

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Cindy said...

Linda must have laced the shoes on the way because I totally forgot to do it. I'm glad you have happy feet again and I'll see you tomorrow.

Karen said...

Hopefully you enjoyed Rosemont because I hear they are moving it! Bummer.

agent99 said...

What a crowd! I guess everyone heard it the show will be in Cinncinati next year and decided to come. Next time you forget shoes, post it on your blog, I would have been happy to bring an extra pair. Not that I could have found you in that mess!


Moneik said...

So happy you got a little bright light!