Monday, April 26, 2010

Retreat Day 1

Today was already packed with fun and lots of laughs. I might not have gotten my full goal for today done but I'm hopeful that I can do all my stuff tomorrow plus my few hangovers from today. I'm determined I tell you!

First things first, I got my Barn Blocks for the day.  Tumble Weeds, Carpenter’s Wheel & North Star.

IMG_4843 IMG_4837 IMG_4840

  Next up was my Maxine Pillow case.  As 1I would say, “It’s Bomb-diggity.”


I got started on my Amish Rubik's Center wall hanging.  I got all 8 of my Nine Patches Completed.


The four green diamonds are all sewn into their strips and I was able to get one full diamond together.  It’s not easy to match, that’s one odd angle!  It has the potential for coolness. 


I had hoped to have all of the blocks for the Amish Rubik's Center completed today but it didn’t happen.  Hopefully I can get them finished early tomorrow.  I don’t have background fabric so I won’t be putting it together anyway, just want all the blocks done.

We had a few power snafu’s.  The downstairs sewing room kept losing power because we had too many irons going.  I finally went out to Mike’s truck to search for a flash light.  I didn’t want to keep going into the utility closet blind.  Here I am with a giant Mag Light and Regina has Flash Light Envy…


Those power issues landed Julie ironing in the bathroom…


Some of us were a little tired…and needed a nap.


Here’s an album with some random pictures that were taken through out the day:


Paula Ganyard said...

Your barn blocks look great. Looking forward to the finished project.

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

"Bomb-diggity!" I'm trying to get over the flash light envy, but it did make Garry laugh! Everyone's projects were great!

Cindy said...

OK OK so I needed a little nappy time. I was running on 3-4 hours of sleep a night and I was exhausted from laughing.