Thursday, April 29, 2010

Retreat Day 3

On Sunday, I finished up my Mexican Star.  I can’t wait to get it quilted. 


It went together much more quickly than I anticipated.  It is definitely a one day project even with the peeling back and sewing down the curved flaps.

Covered Bridge, Oliver Wheel and Old Glory Star were my barn blocks of the day. 

IMG_4896  IMG_4892 IMG_4885

It was during my Oliver Wheel block that I just needed a break.  I went upstairs and sat upside down on the couch for about an hour to stretch out my neck.  When I was brave enough to go back to the sewing room I realized I was still annoyed so I grabbed my car keys and went for a drive.  I ended up at HoChunk which is super bizarre for me because I’m not a casino person!  Luckily once I got back it wasn’t long before people started going to bed and then I was off and sewing again.  Being driven to insanity cost me three hours of sewing that I wasn’t able to get back.  =(

Before bed, I started working on my Braided Star and got one section of four blocks completed.

Here’s some random shots from Saturday & Sunday:


Moneik said...

Love the Mexican star! It looks so cool with those fabrics. Are you quilting it or having the shop doing it? Sometimes you just have to get away, sorry you lost so much sewing time.

Cindy said...

Sorry you had to loose 3 hours of sewing time but that won't be happening again.

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

Love your Mexican Star! It's even prettier in person. You're the most Cre8tive person I know, 8! Oh! Did you have to post so many bad pics of me? Sheesh, Woman! LOL! I had so much fun and I really needed it! Just keep remembering the fun stuff and ignore "bucket suckers"!