Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What did I get accomplished?

I’ve decided that what I took along was NOT really over kill!! 

  1. 12 Quilt Blocks on Barn Blocks.  They are all cut out, foundations printed and ready to assemble.  My plan is 3 per day. I got 9 of my 12 done.  The last three didn’t get finished because I needed to run away for a bit on Sunday night.  I was still working on Sunday’s project when Monday rolled around.
  2. Maxine Pillow Case. Friday 
  3. Amish Rubik's Center Wall Hanging - Foundations are cut, pattern is written up.  I just need to cut my pieces out but I think I'll cut them one section at a time as I work on them. Friday  - Now I just need to buy the black background and work on assembling the wall hanging.
  4. Spools signature quilt - it's all ready for signatures.  I have stuff along to put borders on but I'm not even sure if that is even something I want to work on this weekend.  Although, it wouldn't take very long.  Saturday
  5. Mexican Stars Wall Hanging - All cut out and ready to sew. Saturday
  6. Sock Monkey PJ Pants - They've been all cut out and ready to sew together for a few months now. Saturday
  7. Braided Starburst Wall Hanging.  I have two of the four sections assembled.Sunday. – One additional section is assembled.  The fourth is very well on it’s way.  It will probably just require about another hour to get that section done.  Then block assembly.
  8. My block of the month quilt from a few years back.  It just needs the last row of 4 blocks attached and borders need to be put on. Sunday.
  9. Snowballs & 54-40 or Fight Blocks for the Rotating Snowball Quilt Along.  I have 3 snowball blocks to re-do from March and then April and possibly May's blocks. Monday.
  10. Astor Manor - Honey Bun/Charm Square quilt - Only will pull out if I need something extremely mindless.
  11. PB & J that I just picked up today.  It's not cut out or anything.  We'll see if it fits in or if I just HAVE to start it!!  PB&J is Rodney's newest pattern. I decided to buy this kit because the quilt will remind me of the fun time I had working at our booth at the Rosemont Quilt Show!

Considering 6 out of my 11 items were sewed on or finished I’d say my 11 projects that I took was not over kill.  2 of the 11 were added just on impulse so really 6 out of 9 were worked on.  The next few weeks I’m going to dedicate to finishing up those additional things that I really wanted to get done that were taken along.

I think I was asleep last night by about 8pm and didn’t wake up until this morning at 8am.  I guess I was tired.


Moneik said...

I'm so proud of all you accomplished. You did an awesome job and had just enough variety.

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

Everything you did was awesome! Thanks for the paper piecing lesson! I can't wait until tomorrow to work on my log cabin blocks. Picking out fabric for the barn blocks this weekend! I had a blast! Love ya 8!