Saturday, May 8, 2010

Amish Rubik Progress

I’ve been working on the Amish Rubik Wall Hanging tonight.  I’ve got the center assembled.  Now I need to cut out and attach the black diamonds that surround the center.  I thought I knew exactly which black I wanted to use but now I’m second guessing myself.  The black on the left is Kona Cotton.  I chose it because the hand dyed fabrics are Kona.  I like how dark and crisp it looks.  The black on the right is an 1895 Batik.  It’s either Raven or Jet – I can’t remember.  It’s been a while since I purchased it.  I like it because it has the same visual texture of the hand dyes.  I’m just not sure which to go with.


So, Black on the Left or Black on the Right?  And is it Rubik or Rubic?

I had to tear away some of the paper from the center and it’s now rather puckery.  I’m hoping to heck that once I tear the rest of it away it will once again lay flat.  If it doesn’t lie flat, I don’t quite have a clue how to fix it.  I think it’s a little too much to think it will just quilt out and all will be ok.  Watch, I’ll take the paper out of the rest of it and it will be way worse.  Perhaps English Paper Piecing this guy would have been the best bet…and then LEAVE the card stock in it! 

I got to make my Sock Monkey PJ Pants.  They’re so cute!!


My retreat list once again has a few items crossed off.  In all reality, only one item remains.  The last two were just thrown onto it just in case.  Those are items I’m not hot to finish but will be nice things to take along when I go out to sew.  Once those snowballs & 54-40 or Fight blocks are done then it will be time to work on Sylvia’s Bridal Sampler.
  1. Sock Monkey PJ Pants - They've been all cut out and ready to sew together for a few months now.
  2. Braided Starburst Wall Hanging.  I have two of the four sections assembled. One additional section is assembled.  The fourth is very well on it’s way.  It will probably just require about another hour to get that section done.  Then block assembly.
  3. Snowballs & 54-40 or Fight Blocks for the Rotating Snowball Quilt Along.  I have 3 snowball blocks to re-do from March and then April and possibly May's blocks.
  4. Astor Manor - Honey Bun/Charm Square quilt - Only will pull out if I need something extremely mindless.
  5. PB & J that I just picked up today.  It's not cut out or anything.  We'll see if it fits in or if I just HAVE to start it!!  PB&J is Rodney's newest pattern. I decided to buy this kit because the quilt will remind me of the fun time I had working at our booth at the Rosemont Quilt Show!


Mary said...

I like the batik background, I think it's more interesting and does go with the hand-dyed look of the other fabrics. Beautiful colors by the way.

Cindy said...

I like the black on the left. I think the darker black shows off the other colors more.

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

I like the one on the left. It seems to make the other colors "pop" more. It's beautiful with either one though. You're PJ Pants do look cute!

Grey Cat said...

I much prefer the black on the left. It gives the colors of the batiks a lot more vibrancy, and gives the top even more visual interest.

Quiltluver said...

The one on the left makes the colors stand out better.

Michelle said...

I too like the one on the left. It's richer and provides more contrast so your other colors look more vibrant too.

Marilyn said...

I like the one on the left, but would be happy with either one, if you were to send that quilt to me! You just amaze me ALL the time with how industrious you are. Thanks for sharing. ♥♫

piecemealquilts said...

I vote for the one on the left. It makes the colors look much more vibrant. Beautiful work!

Moneik said...

The one on the left looks good, but I like the types of fabric to go together, so I'd probably use the one on the right. I'm just not big on mixing the feel of the fabrics.
The PJ pants look great and I'm sure they won't tear apart since you used good thread:)