Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Braided Star Progress

Last night after I viciously poked through my thimble and shot a needle into my finger I gave up on the hand sewing of binding and put some time into my Braided Star.  I got all of the rows sewn for the last section.  I have four more rows to iron and then I can assemble the four blocks.

I'll be happy once these blocks start going together.  I have a funny feeling though that it's going to need a border and it's already going to be large enough.  

On a note unrelated to quilting I need to say that people have no business owning pets that they don't get vaccinated.  Seriously folks, for less than $50 you get a rabies vaccination that lasts three freaking years.

Murphy and his stinking laws can just bite me.  My husband got bit by a dog the other night and this morning we found out that it does not have current rabies vaccinations.  How lovely...  

I also found out that Milwaukee's animal control had a clinic once a year where you can get a shot for $9.  I imagine other communities have a program for that too.  There is NO EXCUSE for not having a rabies shot.  

So the dog will be quarantined and I'm guessing Mike's going to have to endure the rabies shots.  We are NOT happy campers.


Moneik said...

Your braided star is going to look amazing when you get it done. I can't believe how many HST's are in it. What size is it without the borders??

Rhonda said...

Oh dear. That is not good news with the dog bite...People are sometimes so silly not to get their animals vaccinated.

Michele said...

Ouch. For both of you. The rabies thing sucks. Here, you get a "free" rabies vaccine; the catch is you have to buy the county license. Still, it's $36 for three years!

Julie-Ann said...

Love the quilt!

That really upsets me about the dog and Mike. Poor Mike. The owners are the ones that should be quarantined! My doggie girls get all of their shots as well as heartworm pills every month, groomed, toe nails trimmed and dental work. Having pets can be compared to having chidren. We should always do what is best for them and watch after them. Gracie can be aggressive so I always warn people to go easy with her and let her warm up to you. Within 5 minutes she is usually sitting on their laps getting a belly rub! But, you never know and it is better to be safe than sorry.

I hope Mike is OK.