Monday, May 10, 2010

Playing with Duplo Blocks

Today I started on my Victory Quilt.  Wow, it sure is a change working with 12” blocks.  I feel like I’m playing with Duplo Blocks instead of Legos.  I was able to get 5 of my 20 needed blocks completed already.

While at Quilt Retreat, Moneik sent me a little care package, I kept forgetting to post about it.  I LOVE Rosie the Quilter so I think these bags are seriously awesome!  Thanks Moneik!!


Next up, I made a Bear’s Paw for my SBS quilt.  I had loaned mine out last month and it didn’t come back yet this month so it was time to whip up a new one and call it a day.

Lastly I made a SBS block called Album 2 to put the signature that I got from the Jennifer Chiaverini book signing in April.



Sue said...

nice job on your blocks there Jen, again, very colorfull:)

Barb said...

I love your blocks!!

Moneik said...

Great job on your VQ blocks. Knowing you, you'll have no problem getting them done by July. So glad you liked the bags. I still have my Rosie name tag hanging by my sewing machine. Your SBS blocks look great too. Someday I will actually make one of those quilts, just not now.