Monday, June 7, 2010

Firecracker Bomb Pop Progress

Yesterday I was able to get some time in on my Firecracker Bomb Pop quilt.  I've gotten all of the braids made.  I even dug a backing out of my stash.  It's not the perfect backing but it's red and white big flowers so it is what it is!  I had to order my border fabric online.  I still need to border the braids but that fabric I will pick up at the shop on Tuesday.  I've got time since I'm waiting on the border.  Again, it doesn't look like much since they are pretty much on top of each other.


We had a good time at the Art Museum yesterday seeing the Winterthur Exhibit.  I also took some awesome pictures of the Calatrava while we were there.  This particular shot cracks me up.  It reminds me of Jaws.


Or, view my Calatrava slideshow.


Moneik said...

Sounds like a fun Sunday to me! I didn't get to my sewing room at all. Love the RWB strips. I'm sure it will turn out awesome in the end. Kind of reminds me of friendship braid.

Cindy said...

That quilt is looking awesome.

jilly said...

I think your quilt looks awesome too. I love it.