Sunday, June 13, 2010

Quilts on Barns - #118 County Auction

County Auction...the block where disappointment really hit home is located at 6660 County Highway E in Shullsburg, WI.  Vogues exclaimed, "Are you FREAKING KIDDING ME???"  I wanted to know why a block this small was A) listed on a Barn Quilt Map and B) why the map didn't say the sizes of the blocks.  Hello, gas is expensive.  Driving all over to see teeny tiny blocks really didn't make us want to spend money in the county and that IS the purpose of these barn quilt trails.  Everyone knows, I'm a barn quilt addict but had I been aware THIS is what we were going to see, we would have waited a few years to go see this county.


Yeah that's right...the block is that teeny tiny thing in the picture.  I think I own rulers that are larger!

IMG_5482 IMG_5484

At that rate, can I stick a 12" block on our townhouse and stick it on a map as the first Barn Quilt block in Waukesha County?  Smirk.

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