Friday, June 11, 2010

Some progress but now I'm heading to bed

Conceivably, I should have been able to get the center of this quilt top done tonight and a wall hanging assembled BUT Mike decided to put on a movie that I became engrossed with.  Then this led to a few episodes of Burn Notice and Deadliest Catch.  So all would not be lost I hit my sewing studio, burn my hand and then joked about what else could go wrong.  I have half of the Firecracker Bomb Pop Quilt assembled.  In truth there's only three more seams to make to get the center attached but I just don't have it in me tonight. I think I have enough fabric left to add the border to one side.  I have more of Pat Sloan's Sweet Liberty in transit to finish my quilt.  Perhaps I can get up early enough tomorrow to finish the center before work.



Cindy said...

That looks so cool.

Moneik said...

It looks awesome! You're going to have it done by the 4th, I can just tell!